Hi there. I'm a lettering artist, muralist, chalk artist, and Instagram-er.

I received my BFA from Ringling College of Art + Design, with honors. I also have a minor in Business of Art and Design. After completing a copywriting internship at Hallmark Cards, Inc. between my Junior and Senior year of college, I picked up a full time job in their Marketing Design Studio. While I was there, I learned traditional calligraphy and hand lettering techniques from some of the greatest (and nicest) artists on the planet and was eventually able to provide lettering for a number of fonts used in seasonal campaigns. After Hallmark, I went on to make crazy/crafty/hand-lettered stuff for Barkley, the largest employee-owned advertising agency in the U.S. I was lucky enough to work for awesome clients like Dairy Queen, Vanity Fair Lingerie, Wingstop, and Ball Canning. 

Currently, I'm freelancing full-time from an incredible studio space in North Florida for agencies and brands all over the world. Recent clients include: Publix, Shoe Carnival, LUNA Bars, Magnum, Alexia, and Clorox. Feel free to email me here if you have any questions or freelance opportunities.

You can follow my lettering exploits on Instagram, where I post prints/products for sale, as well as behind-the-scenes process shots of my work: