A collaborative powerhouse of hand lettering, food styling, photography, chalk art and more.

With a foundation in design and business, I like to think of myself as a one stop shop for content creation for my agency and brand partners.

I received my BFA from Ringling College of Art + Design, worked with marketing and ad agencies for years, and have grown my business to partner with clients on an expansive range of visual content.

I'm currently freelancing full-time from North Florida for brands all over the world. Recent clients include: P.F. Changs, Snickers, Publix, Shoe Carnival, LUNA Bars, Magnum, and Panera. Feel free to email me here if you have an exciting project that we can work on together!

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Let's work together:

Content Creation

Jack-of-all-trades capabilities: sketching, prop styling, food lettering, photography, stop motion animation, and post production.

Hand Lettering and Illustration

Traditional calligraphy foundations meet a range of modern materials: ink, watercolor, chalk art, food type, and more. 

Food Type

For brands that want to highlight authenticity, my work in food and prop styling makes a big impact.


My love of lettering flourished with the addition of a chalk wall in my old apartment and I've continued working on painted murals and chalk illustrations ever since!

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